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St. Cloud man charged with murder for stabbing mother

A St. Cloud man arrested over the weekend in the stabbing death of his mother has been charged.

According to WCCO TV Dean Allan Friese has been charged with second-degree murder from the stabbing on Saturday morning.

Authorities were called to the scene just before 4 am on Saturday.  On the morning after his 52nd birthday, Friese allegedly lured his mother to his apartment by pulling a medical alarm, then stabbed her to death.

Once they arrived authorities found Lois Arlene Omeara dead of multiple stab wounds.  Investigators said the majority of the stab wounds were concentrated on her upper chest.

The St. Cloud Times reports that Friese was in a wheelchair when he made his court appearance on Tuesday.  The report says that court records indicate that he has been violent towards family members before.

Friese is being held on $1.5 million bail with conditions, or $3 million without.




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April 24, 2014