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Mauer misses baseball on birthday -- again

Perhaps playing baseball on his birthday isn’t in the cards for Twins star Joe Mauer, who turned 30 on Friday.

The Pioneer Press says with the cancellation of Friday’s game in Chicago due to “cold windy conditions,” an usual trend has continued for the star catcher.

Since his Major League debut in April 2004, Mauer has played in only five of the 10 possible opportunities on his birthday.

Adding to Friday’s cancellation, Mauer was on the disabled list during his birthdays in 2004, 2009 and 2011. The Twins were on a travel day on his birthday in 2010.

However, getting a chance to blow out birthday candles hasn’t always resulted in Mauer’s wishes coming true.

The Pioneer Press says during those birthday games, Mauer has hit 5 for 17 (.294, 30 points below his career average). Plus, in the five games, Mauer never hit a home run or driven in a run.



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April 18, 2014