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Plan ahead for your Minnesota fall color tour

Don’t look too closely at the ground our you might see a leaf or two. It’s the season for that and Explore Minnesota is your guide to finding the brightest reds, yellows and oranges in all the state. Many fall color drive ideas also feature our state’s official scenic byways.

For example, check out The Apple Blossom Scenic Byway and pick up a bag of apples for the road. You’ll find stunning scenery no matter which way you head home thanks to LaCrescent’s location at the intersection of the three scenic byways: Apple Blossom Byway to the north, Bluff Country Scenic Byway to the west and Great River Road to the north and south. Sweet indeed.

Head north to Bemidji and see even more leaves, this time in covered wagon. That’s right, the Buena Vista Logging Village offers fall tours by covered wagon in case the car is moving a little too fast for you.

Maybe scenic highways and covered wagon rides are old hat to you. If so, try something different this year. In Bloomington, you can catch a fall color chairlift ride up Mt. Gilboa, one of Hennepin County’s highest points.

No matter how you like your fall color adventures, Explore Minnesota has all the fall color info you need — including this handy site to get all the news on the fall color hues.



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April 17, 2014