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Annual Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Wacipi this weekend

The annual Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Wacipi (Pow Wow) is being held this weekend at the Wacipi Grounds on the SMSC reservation.

Who can attend?

The general public is invited to attend. Dancers in regalia can register to dance and participate in the dance contests. Twelve invited drums will provide the songs. 

Where is the Wacipi?

The SMSC Wacipi Grounds are located just north of Mystic Lake Casino and south of County Road 42 between County Road 83 and County Road 17 (Marschall Road). The address is 3212 Dakotah Parkway, Prior Lake, Minnesota 55372.

Where do we park?

The SMSC Wacipi Grounds has ample free parking. You may also park at Mystic Lake Casino and ride the shuttle over. Golf carts are available at no charge to transport guests from the parking lot to the grounds. Please give priority for the golf carts to elderly guests and those who may need extra assistance, such as those with small children.

What does admission include?

Admission (including two free meals) is free to elders 60 and older and children 10 and under. Admission, which is $5 for the entire weekend, includes an evening meal on Saturday and lunch on Sunday catered by Mystic Lake Casino Hotel as well as a commemorative button and Wacipi (Pow Wow) Program. Parking is free. All dancers must have a Wacipi button.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of severe or inclement weather, the Wacipi will be moved to the Dakotah! Ice Center which is attached to Dakotah! Sport and Fitness.  Each year the ice is removed in advance of the Wacipi as a precaution so the Ice Center can be used if needed. Dancing would take place in the area vacated by the sheet of ice. 

Will the dancing go on in the event of an extreme heat index?

If extreme heat indexes are anticipated, the afternoon Grand Entries may be postponed until 5:00 p.m. This decision would be made by the Wacipi Committee in conjunction with the Director of Emergency Services.

What if I need help during the event?

Please contact the nearest Security Guard, Mdewakanton Emergency Services staff member, Wacipi staff, or police officer for assistance.

Is there a church service this year?

An interdenominational church service for this year’s Wacipi will be held on Sunday, August 19, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. at the Tiowakan Spiritual Center.

Where is lost and found?

Red Security Shed at the base of the hill is the official location of Lost and Found. Sometimes the Announcer’s Stand has some items, particularly important items like pieces of regalia, car keys, and cell phones.

What do I do about a lost child?

Please contact the nearest Security Guard, Mdewakanton Emergency Services staff member, Wacipi staff, or police officer for assistance.

Is medical care available?

Staff from Mdewakanton Emergency Services are available to provide first aid at the Wacipi aboard the SMSC Mobile Unit 24 hours a day.


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