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Which Orioles pitcher gave up Harmon Killebrew's 500th home run?

A) Harmon Killebrew hit his landmark 500th home run (and No. 501) at Met Stadium in Bloomington off of Mike Cuellar, who posted a 20-9 record in 1971. That year, he was just one of four Orioles starters to win at least 20 games. Pat Dobson (20-8), Jim Palmer (20-9) and Dave McNally (21-5) were the others.

The ball was hit into Section 34 of the left field pavailion at Met Stadium.

Photo courtesy: Minnesota Historical Society

Bob Hamilton, who grabbed the historic homer, is pictured with his children, Tom, Susan and Mike as Killebrew presents Mike with an autographed ball.

Photo courtesy: Minnesota Historical Society

The next day, Twins President Calvin Griffith presents Killebrew with a Lund fishing boat in recognition of No. 500.

Photo courtesy: Minnesota Historical Society


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April 24, 2014